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Hotel with renovation aids.

Vraagprijs € 3.000.000,- *

Hotel in Calabrie , Italie

We can offer a Hotel in Calabria , Italy.
New price, negotiable.
A 4 star hotel in Calabria (Italy).

Important ! We can help with aids that concern the renovation of various engines and are up to 200 thousand euros and also in the renovations that are up to 60/70% with withholding tax and concern structural renovations !

As by the owner:
The Hotel was built in 2003 and is maintained in continuous maintenance until today, and is free and is owned by my daughter Maria Lucia.
The hotel has 90 rooms, plus three rooms for employees, three dining rooms with a capacity of about 450 people, a large fully equipped kitchen and a smaller kitchen on the lower floor, four conference and meeting rooms with seating from 30 to 300 people, a very large and beautiful Hall, an Olympic swimming pool approved by the National Swimming Federation (FIN) for swimming and water polo competitions, ( contacting the Swimming Federation you can make important contracts for retreats and training of athletes of the Federation) a heated and dehumidified indoor pool of 10 x14 meters with 12 jets Jacuzzi and 2 swimming against the current, a gym of 200 square meters, and a beach of 1. 200 square meters in concession for private use of the hotel.
The hotel has a gym, two swimming pools and large spaces to be used for functional rehabilitation all connected with a very large space with sea view where you can make a wonderful Beauty farm, It is built with SEISMIC SYSTEMS on 47500 sqm of panoramic land owned by the Hotel, with a beautiful view of the Gulf of Lamezia and the Stromboli Volcano of the Aeolian Islands. Lamezia Terme International Airport is 29 km away, including 20 km of motorway, and 1.5 km from the train station.
This quick description and the accompanying material will give you an initial idea of the hotel, but I think if you decide to visit the hotel soon you will be able to see for yourself its beauty, its size and the many business opportunities it offers. The Hotel is not currently in business,for my major health problems, for the deaths in the family and for the great world crisis that has closed thousands of companies, and my advanced age, but is in excellent condition as you can see from the current photos I send attached.. The Hotel was open all year round and worked with banquets, weddings, parties of eighteen, birthday parties, graduation parties, street vendors, conventions, swimming competitions, pain therapy and various tourism. I sell the ASSET, that is the Hotel, the structure with all the complete equipments, the licenses and the land on which it is built. It has all licenses and active and valid permits, in addition to the concession of 1200 sq m. of beach for private use. The licenses will be of the new owner with a simple request for TAKE OVER in the business. To make a new company does not need much, and besides my son who is an ACCOUNTANT could help for all the bureaucratic part. I could help you by introducing you to my contacts of the companies that built it that would facilitate the restoration of the structure, the search for staff, etc. etc. In Vibo Valentia there is a Hotel School so there are no problems to find the staff and I will provide you with excellent contacts with the Municipal and Regional Administrations, etc.

Vraagprijs € 3.000.000,- *

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Geografische Locatie

Land : Italie
Regio : Calabrie
Plaats : Hotel in Calabrie



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