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Farm buildings with growning area

Vraagprijs € 30.000,- *

Drzkovce, Slowakije

I would like to sell my farm buildings and growning area in Middle South Slovakia next to the Hungarian border. The farm is located in a beautiful valley with a narrow creek, for 5 minutes driving from the small village by car. All over you are trees, birds and fantastic calmness. The property is ideal for farming or just escape from the world and live a calm life there whithout any troubles.
The details of the farm:
399 m², is ideal for sheeps, goats, horses or for gallery, community premises (in that case it needs rebuild)
Coverred corral:
169 m², is ideal for winter feeding, storage or summer shelter for animals
88 m² with two big rooms and one small kitchen and small storage (it needs rebuild)
Growing area :

fee: 30,000 euro
contact in English: Istvan Leka +36306565143

Vraagprijs € 30.000,- *

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Geografische Locatie

Land : Slowakije
Regio : Revuca
Plaats : Drzkovce


Istvan Leka
Revuca, Slovakia

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