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This property pays for ITSELF , Florida

Vraagprijs € 429.999,- *

Disney, Verenigde Staten

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Now you can own your very own sunshine retreat with guaranteed rental returns from 7% . Just sit back and enjoy fantastic holidays while your home is fully managed and stress free.

The holiday home ownership opportunity:
Co-ownership in 4 and 7 bedroom luxury family villas
Luxury resort minutes from the leading theme parks in Florida , 10 mintues from Disney World .
Each villa has its own private pool
Completed in site facilities and including club house and huge pool
Gated community and backing onto onsite
inimum 7% return for 5 years then minimum 8% for 5 years

Optional developer buyback on year 3 & 5 at 100%
Optional developer buyback on year 10 at 150%
Property pays for itself . Fully managed, worry free ownership
Purchase from just $39,000 Fractional ownership (4 bed) or $53,500 (7 bed)
Full units from $429,999
Florida truly is the year round holiday destination, perfect for families to enjoy year after year. Purchase in the Halcyon Palms Luxury Villa Resort and you?ll have the perfect base to enjoy the best of the ?Sunshine State?!
The purchase prices for the brand new co-ownership villas for sale include all the furniture and closing costs. They are luxuriously finished and come complete with your own private swimming pool.
With exclusive facilities including a clubhouse and communal pools, it?s not just the theme parks and shopping that will entertain you!

Last few villas remaining , ASK the email Folder !

Update may 2019 :
The ownership costs have been reduced to $50 per m2 and the fractional admin fee to $100 per fraction.
This means that the owner can stay for 2 weeks and not have to contribute to any costs as the 3% return covers the costs.

See the examples below. You can also see the conversion to m2 .
7 bed

4308 st ft / 11 =391m2 ,391 x $50 =$19,550 annual costs
Divided by 13 for fractional = $1503

4 bed , 2622 sqft /11 =247 m2
247 x $50 =$12,350 annual costs
Divided by 13 =$950

So this is the annual costs for 4 weeks
7% return if owner gives back 4 weeks ( net of costs)
5% return if owner gives back 3 weeks use 1 week ( net of costs)
3% return if use for 2 weeks and give 2 weeks to rental scheme, (less ownership costs for all 4 weeks) Based on a 4 bed $39,000
Use 2 weeks get 3% return ( 2% reduction for each week used)=$1170 return

Less ownership costs $950 ( all 4 weeks)

Net return $220 , Based on a 7 bed $53,500
Use 2 weeks get 3% return ( 2% reduction for each week used)=$1605 return
Less ownership costs $1503

Net return $102
If they buy 2 fractions they could use 1 week personal usage from each fraction ( 2 weeks) plus receive 5% net return of costs -this is the best option
Or if a single fraction use 1 week get 5% return net of costs

Or use 2 weeks per fraction all the costs are covered ( as per the examples)
If they use all 4 weeks they will have to cover the costs.
There is $100 fractional membership fee to pay per fraction

Vraagprijs € 429.999,- *

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Land : Verenigde Staten
Regio : Florida
Plaats : Disney



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