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Farmhouse in Spoleto's valley

Vraagprijs € 275.000,- *

Spoleto, Italie

On the ground floor you can access the funds that can be used as a living area, also ideal for restaurant activities or accommodation facilities. They are the old stables with gigantic stone arches; a spacious rooms cut out in a labyrinth of spaces. From a glass door you can enter to the garden, where the old wood-burning oven, of enormous dimensions, still working, in a court that smells like mint. From an internal staircase you can go up to the sleeping area, consisting of 5 bedrooms and two rooms with provision for bathrooms. Outside on the back of the property there is a completely restored apartment, with an independent entrance on an external courtyard, composed of a living room-kitchen on the ground floor, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. Almost every room has two large windows, with new frames, made of solid wood. Outside there is a large tree-lined outdoor area of about one hectare.

Vraagprijs € 275.000,- *

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Geografische Locatie

Land : Italie
Regio : UMBRIA
Plaats : Spoleto

Pierleone 9
06049 Spoleto


Claudia Cencini
Via Pierleone 9
06049 Spoleto

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