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Villa on Marmore Falls

Vraagprijs € 900.000,- *

Marmore, Italie

The villa is enclosed by a private park that culminates in the balcony overlooking the waterfall. You can almost reach out a hand to touch it, a majestic spectacle of nature that is priceless and breathtaking with emotion. One of the windows on the upper floor of the villa looks out on to the scene of the waterfall with a fabulous view. You arrive in Marmore from Terni, going up from Papigno or, on the opposite side, from Rieti and Piediluco lake. The road stops at the gate of this majestic property, once inside you enter another Century. The villa, built at the beginning of the last Century by the entrepreneur Morandi, owner of the Plaza hotel in Piazza Tacito, to heal his son from consumption due to the good air he breathed in, maintains the atmosphere of the Twenties recalled by the piano of the time, the furnishings of Gozzanian memory, the oil paintings, the hearths and the splendid hexagonal floors at chromatic intervals repeating in each room. From the living room you can enter another living room and then into the study that preserves on the desk the ancient papers and the chessboard, another constant element that is renewed on the garden table, since the last owner, father of the current sellers, who had taken over the structure in the post-War period, he was a lover of chess and a lover of the garden, to the point of bringing the bulbs from Milan, from the firm of the Ingegnoli brothers, a still active firm. Next to the stately home opens what was once the home of the servants, now used as a kitchen with bathroom. From here one enters, also through an external door once used as an entrance to the stable, two large cellar rooms, where there is another fireplace and a convivial roast oven. You go up from an original staircase to the upper floor that houses the sleeping area, consisting of four bedrooms and a large bathroom. From the bedroom to the left of the corridor you can enjoy the spectacle of the waterfall from above in all its din. Outside there is also a garage and a large park planted with pines, holm oaks, oleanders and fragrant linden trees, with the path that runs along the Velino river up to the evocative waterfall.
Total area: 250 sqm
Distance from bus, shops and services: 0 km
Distance from Spoleto: 35 km
Distance from Terni: 10 km
Distance from the Adriatic Sea: about 180 km.

Vraagprijs € 900.000,- *

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Geografische Locatie

Land : Italie
Regio : Terni
Plaats : Marmore


Claudia Cencini
Via Pierleone 9
06049 Spoleto

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