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Detached house in peaceful countryside with 3 flats and a large garden

Vraagprijs € 100.000,- *

Broumov, Tsjechië

The house contains 3 partially equipped flats (a 4-room one, a 3-room one, and a 2-room one) on 3 floors. Two of the flats have recently been renovated and meet all standards for comfortable living; the third would require renovation. Adjacent to the house, there is a garage with some storage space. The garden (3000 m2) has an old barn with another garage in it, a fireplace, and lots of fruit trees. The house is heated by a modern coal boiler, and accessible from a road connecting the local town of Broumov with Poland. If you are interested, call or e-mail me anytime for more detail!

Vraagprijs € 100.000,- *

25-08-2019 12:18:13, 60 views* Prijzen onder voorbehoud van typfouten/inleesfouten.

Geografische Locatie

Land : Tsjechië
Regio : Kralovehradecky kraj
Plaats : Broumov

Otovice 29
54972 Broumov


Jan Kalandra

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