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Entry+36 Plots!!! 600mt Sea Ingleses-FLORIANOPOLIS-BRAZIL-Ap Duplex 3suites

Vraagprijs € 139.000,- *

Florianopolis, Brazilie

600 meters from the sea in the noble area of Ingleses Beach-Florianopolis-Brazil -Duplex apartment 3 bedrooms being 3 suites with basement- direct financing with the construction company.
Building starting in April 2021, with completion scheduled for the end of October 2023, located 600 meters from the sea, with solar energy !!!, porcelain tile floors, central gas !!, blinds in the bedrooms, reuse of rainwater !! hobby-box, 2 spaces to park bicycles, balcony with private barbecue, recreation area with 151.42m2 with adult pool and children's pool, has a party room with gourmet space with collective grill, and 2 toilets in the recreation area, garages for electric cars, 1 hobby-box per apartment. Duplex apartment 301 with basement located on the second and third floor with 3 bedrooms being 3 suites, balcony in the living room with private barbecue, useful area: 107.40 m2, total area: 184.45 m2, 2 garages, 1 hobby-box , value: R$ 889,000 Reals, which is equivalent to U$ 164.650 Dollars, and purchase with an entry of US $ 49.400 Dollars, and the remaining value in 6 semester reinforcements + monthly plots while it is under construction

Vraagprijs € 139.000,- *

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Geografische Locatie

Land : Brazilie
Regio : Santa Catarina
Plaats : Florianopolis

Ingleses,Florianópolis,Santa Catarina,Brazil


88054100 Florianópolis

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