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Noto, day and night in a film city

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Noto, Italie

Albinoni's Adagio accompanies our Trinacia trip to the Valle dell'Asinaro, in front of us the green of a citrus grove contrasts with the blue of the sky, on the plateau where Noto stands.
The first impression is of an unreal setting, so perfect and harmonious that it seems fake, a film set created to amaze and impress the traveller.
Noto is in fact a splendid recent Baroque town, built ex novo at the end of the 17th century. It is not the result of an ancient settlement that has gradually developed, which is why its road system is more practical and comfortable, made up of wide streets running parallel to each other from east to west, thanks to the study of perspectives that was made to make it even more beautiful.
Its splendid rose gold colour is due to the local limestone tuff.
In this breathtaking panorama is located the flat we will visit today.
In an old house in the centre of noto, a flat in need of renovation, respecting tradition.
The current layout does not fully exploit the potential of this property. In fact, we find on the ground floor, two large rooms, a bathroom, a kitchenette and two storerooms, and a storage room on the first floor overlooking the terrace.
The discerning eye and ideas of a good architect would certainly know how to enhance the exterior and interior spaces, creating solutions that escape your notice at first glance but which can create charming and functional rooms.
But only your taste, imagination and needs can guide you in realising your dream home here.
I have already dreamed mine with white, blue and yellow porcelain and a lemon tree at the main entrance, large wrought-iron beds and embroidered white cotton linens....but this is my dream this....make it yours.
Let's enjoy one last stroll around Noto now that the lights have come up, night has fallen and the streets are alive with people, music and scents.

Vraagprijs € 70.000,- *

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Geografische Locatie

Land : Italie
Regio : Sicily
Plaats : Noto

Vicolo Bonfanti
96017 Noto


Horus RE Agency
Corso Martiri 173
41013 Castelfranco Emilia (Mo) - Italy

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