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Scicli, the little house with light blue shutters

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Scicli, Italie

If this house were a fabric, it would be silk. Blue like the sky, cream like the rocky and wild coast of Sicily, or turquoise like the Mediterranean and gold like the sun - two colors and the heart flies.
We are near Scicli, where it is with great pleasure that we present a splendid terraced house a few hundred meters from the sea, aesthetic and essential. Let's think of a genuine recipe or a particular perfume that remains imprinted for life and that evokes moments that seemed forgotten; a bit like the scent of grandmother's spaghetti with tomato and fresh basil is a part of childhood precisely by virtue of its goodness and its simplicity, in some magical way, even our home is defined as something tremendously familiar and nostalgic at the same time.
Whether it's the Mediterranean architecture, the white wooden fence, which also emerges in the small pergola that covers the entrance from the courtyard - how beautiful a bougainvillea or jasmine would look here! - than for the mild and natural beige of the stone or for the light blue shutters. Two bedrooms, a small living area and a bathroom connected by an internal staircase, a cozy minimalist environment but worthy of a story full of laughter, stories, tears, love, jokes, long dinners and summer chats; a story of walks by the sea watching the stars, the sunset or the sunrise.
A stone house in excellent internal and external conditions, with a terrace that seems tailor-made for its space and manageability, near the gem of the Ragusa coast of Scicli.
Let's not forget the parking space - something quite rare in this context and which therefore also from an economic point of view turns out to be another benefit, both for ourselves - if we want a little one of our own - and for others - if we intend to make an income from this real jewel where the sea is waiting for us.

Vraagprijs € 95.000,- *

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Geografische Locatie

Land : Italie
Regio : Sicily
Plaats : Scicli

Via Cariddi 12
97018 Scicli


Horus RE Agency
Corso Martiri 173
41013 Castelfranco Emilia (Mo) - Italy

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